Friday, January 6, 2012

Thinking Of You  Click here for a clip of the segment.

A local news broadcaster here in Utah was doing a health segment about Breast Cancer Awareness.  She went into have a mammogram done in the segment.  The results came back and sadly it was malignant.  She went in last month for a lumpectomy and removal of two lymph nodes.  The good news is that it hasn't spread.  She will have to undergo chemotherapy and radiation.  I have watched her for years on the news and she is a very strong woman.  When I saw this segment yesterday I cried.  So I had to make this for her and I'm going to send it to the news station.  This segment saved her life.  This serves as a reminder to all of us women to get checked.  A few minutes of discomfort can save your life.  My prayers are with her and her family and all those women who are currently fighting this terrible cancer, and anyone who is currently fighting any form of cancer.  Stay strong!  Have faith in God.

Lots Of Hugs,

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  1. This is a beautiful thinking of you card/packet Laura! It is so sad at the amount of women that are getting diagnoised with breast cancer!! I will keep this woman and her family in my prayers as she embarqs on this journey. It is so sweet of you to do this for her, I'm sure it will lift her spirits to know that people care.


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