Saturday, September 10, 2011

Butterfly Blog Award

I want to thank my AWESOME friend Brenda from Friends Craftin' with Friends for this beautiful Butterfly Blog award!!!!  She is so wonderful!  She always has such nice things to say on my blog posts!  She has a lot of talent!  I love her cards!  She is a great blog friend!  Definitely a keeper!  Thanks again Brenda!

To keep this award I have to answer the following questions:
  1. Name your favorite color.  Blue
  2. Name your favorite song.  Forever by Kenny Loggins
  3. Name your favorite dessert.  Brownies
  4. What wizzes you off at the moment.  Discourteous people
  5. Your favorite pet.  This is hard because I've had so many favorites but have passed on, Teddy is my current dog
  6. Black or white?  White
  7. Your biggest fear?  Dying and leaving my children
  8. Best feature?  A big heart
  9. Everyday attitude?  Grateful to be alive
  10. What is perfection?  Spending time with family
  11. Guilty pleasure?  Making cards
  12. When you are upset you....?  Cry
Now I need to nominate 5 other blogs.  I follow a lot so it's hard to choose! 
1.  Mary is so talented!  I love watching her awesome tutorials!
2.  Mikalyn is my niece and she is sooo talented!
3. Spring is an awesome friend of mine and helped me get this blog going!
4.  She is awesome!  She designs and sells her own awesome stamps and donates $1 
     per sale to charity!
5.  She has great ideas and sells cute stamps as well!

Thanks again Brenda and thanks to everyone who follows this blog!


  1. You are so welcome my friend! You came to my mind right away as I love your blog. I enjoyed reading your answers and learning a little about you! Happy blogging!!!

  2. Thanks so much!! You are a good friend too!!! It was fun setting up your blog!! Love ya!!


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